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Agent Fires Colorful, small,and cute agent fires. In fact, all they really want is to have the rare information that nobody knows and create a special library with it. They have a goal of only accepting the agents that are worthy of obtaining the private information into this library. While the agent fire,who found the information was laughing, the ones who couldn’t find it were really sad.

When an information they find don’t satisfy them, a meaningless expression would appear on the faces of the agent fires. While those with the different information were puzzled, the fires with the rarest and unreachable information were like ”waooww”.



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Step 01

Create a wallet

Create a wallet on the solana network and put enough SOL in it.


Step 01

Buy Sparkle NFT

You can get it from an NFT store or you can mint it.


Step 03

Use the sparkle machine

Share your wallet number and intelligence link. The system will give you a score accordingly. Remember, each intel can only be sent once. and burn by sparkle


Step 04

Get your reward

The intelligence on the subject determined on the system will be evaluated and the relevant token will be given to you as a reward. This award can be all tokens.

Road Map

Road Map

The Journey of
Sparkle NFT


Project preparations

The preparation, promotion and art phases will be completed and preliminary preparations will be made for the mint. Of course, the machine will also be coded.



When the Mint's turn comes, all preparations will be completed and whitelists will be distributed for a fair distribution. Mint will be made and sparkle will be started.


Machine deploy

NFT owners and all other people will be able to earn rewards from the system. The software will work on-chain and off-chain as Dapp. For forever.

Run Bussines

Collect campain on network

When people who need intelligence are charged and our agents are paid. NFT holders will receive much more rewards.

Sparkle NFT road detail

  1. NFT designs and artworks will be completed, Simple but cute fires will meet you.
  2. The website will be published, which will be a gathering point for Sparkle.
  3. Social media will open and publicity will begin.
  4. Community is what every sparkle wants most, we're going to set up the OG community.
  5. Sparkle machine promotional video will be released.
  6. Nft will be launched
  7. Our strongest feature, “Sparkle machine” will open.
  8. As Sparkle, we will decide together the values ​​at the core of the system, so DAO decisions will be made with a voting system.
  9. Together with you, we will make advertisements and events to grow our own brand.
  10. We will switch to Sparkle v2 for full automation
  11. Advanced technologies for Sparkle machine will be researched and added to the system

Sparkle machine v1 road map

Sparkle machine v2 road map



Frequently Aksed

When will mint be made?

It will make as soon as possible

How many supplies?

Currently, there are 2222 sparkle.

What do i gain by owning an NFT?

Sparkle initially aims to start with 2222 users. Of course, only these people will be able to win prizes at the beginning. According to the increase in demand, the public will be able to participate at low rates.

Is there more?

Why not, we will continue development after 100% mint. Our goal is for influencers in the NFT world to easily promote quality and promote their projects easily thanks to this system.

How does it work without connecting a wallet?

Yes, we are doing our best to make it work especially without connecting a wallet. But of course, We need a wallet number after all.

What will the prize be?

The award will be determined by the campaign owner during system applications.

Is tweet valid?

Of course it is valid, as long as you have the desired text. or you can create your own. Only each link is unique.

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